Ready Set! Coffee Bag- Sumatra - Mandheling

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Sumatra Mandheling 

Elevation:   3,200 to 4,000 Feet
Process:  Wet Hulled 
Varietals:  Typica 
Cupping Notes:  Baker's Chocolate | Cedar | Malt
Roaster's Level:  Dark/Medium 

What's it all mean?

Ready Set! roasters stoke the fires to bring forth the full-bodied notes your AeroPress was designed for. Think campfire, or the smell of a leather-bound first edition. Your home espresso machine will love it. We must admit, it’s a house favorite. 

Behind the bean:

The rich volcanic soil of north/central Sumatra contributes to the rich, spicy, and dark earthy notes the region is famous for. 

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