Ready Set! Coffee Bag- Guatamala - Antiga Panchoy

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Guatemala Antigua Panchoy

Elevation:   5,000 to 7,750 feet
Process:  Fully Washed 
Varietals:  Bourbon
Cupping Notes:  Cherry | Honey | Orange
Roaster's Level:  Medium 

What's it all mean?

Ready Set! roasts these beans for a clean and balanced cup leaving you with a zesty, candied orange, "I didn’t expect that" finish.  The drink it all day cup.  Perfect for a pour-over or put it in your morning pot brewer.  

Behind the bean:

Antigua is Guatemala’s oldest and best-known coffee-growing region.  The Antigua Valley is called Panchoy and the soils here are rich in volcanic ash, making for unique and fertile growing conditions. 

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