Ready Set! Coffee Bag- Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe

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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe-Fair Trade-Organic

Elevation:   6,000 Feet
Process:  Natural
Varietals:  Ethiopian Heirloom
Cupping Notes:  Baked Muffins | Strawberry Jam | Cocoa
Roaster's Level:  Light

What's it all mean?

Ethiopian naturals are the perfect bean for a super-light touch.  It's our lightest roast. A refreshing acidity, balanced with big body and a complex sweetness on the finish.  The perfect companion for your Hario V-60 or pot brewer.  Make it as a Japanese  

Behind the bean:

Our latest roast hails from one of Ethiopia's most prized exporters of green coffee. Fairtrade, organic.  A coffee almost as beautiful green as it is roasted.  

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